Subject Physical and Mental illness anomaly detection platform. 1

Physical and mental anomaly detection for attendance screening and quantitative fatigue/recovery monitoring.


"The Treign A.I. platform is an HRV collection and analysis system utilizing proprietary A.I. to detect and alert anomalous precursors to illness for both physiological and mental states."

- The Treigning Lab

Easy Recording

Easily take morning survey and recording to start day.

Combine with Heads Up Check Up, for Mental Health and Behavioral Risk Screening.

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What if a Subject Trends?

  • Baseline customized for each Subject
  • Daily 5 Minute Non-Invasive test
  • Thousands of data-points uncover "Subject trend"
  • Configurable "Subject trend" action follow up

Monitor thousands of Subjects at once.

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Testing Kit

1 Year of Daily recordings

1 Year of Daily recordings

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